/ Gaia Novellati

Gaia Novellati (1995) is an emerging Brazilian-Italian artist living and working in Turin. She studied sculpture at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. Gaia participated in several collective shows at Kspaces in Turin: Voce! (2018), The Greatest Things/Le cose migliori (2018) and Foreshadows/Prefigurazioni (2019).

In the spring of 2018, Gaia brought a series of sculptures to be exhibited in Kspaces in Torino during Voce! the exhibition, which highlighted very young talented artists from the city. The works she included were remarkable in that the subject (Madonna with child) was sculpted, moulded, and cast in various materials allowing for little change of the subject. The first of the series was carved directly from white Carrara marble. The second was a poured mould composed of polymerised honey-based resin. The third, another poured mould, was composed of black asphalt tar. The three Madonnas – heavy as manhole covers – were exhibited in various parts of the gallery. Each one spoke clearly of the ethnic, Afro-Brazillian, origins of the artist. Above all, the materials she used added a psychological/spiritual element as found in some of the best votive Madonnas in Italy.

Lustrous pure white, translucent glowing yellow and opaque black. Extensive theological, aesthetic and sociological discussions may now begin.
– "Madonna and Child" series/Kspaces Archive, Turin (2022)

Gaia Novelatti, Madonna and Child, 2018, Polymerised honey-based resin, 50 x 46 cm. © The Artist

Gaia Novelatti, Madonna and Child (displayed at Kspaces), 2018, Polymerised honey-based resin, 50 x 46 cm. © The Artist/Photo © Andreja Brulc